Chintaharan Chauhan in bridal wear.


Man ‘visited by dead wife’ dresses up as a bride for 30 years


DUBAI – He fought ridicule for decades, but Chintaharan Chauhan from India said dressing up as a bride for the last 30 years has actually helped him ward off death.

The labourer from Hauzkhas village in Jalalpur said he dresses up in red sari, huge nose ring and bangles to prevent any more deaths in his family.

“I have lost 14 members of my family in the past years and the chain of deaths stopped only after I started dressing up as a bride,” said Chauhan, now 66. Coincidentally, his first name Chintaharan means “engulfed in worries”.

Chauhan lost his first wife a few months after getting married when he was 14. At 21, he married a Bengali woman who committed suicide after he left her because of his family’s objections.

He married a third time, and that was when many of his family members died in succession: his wife, their two sons, his father and two brothers, and his brother’s seven children.

Chauhan said his Bengali wife regularly visited him in his dreams, crying and accusing him of betraying her. He said that in one of those dreams, he begged her to spare his family’s life and that she agreed on condition that he dressed up as a bride.

“Since that day, I have been dressing up as a bride and the deaths in the family have stopped,” he said, adding that his health and the health of his two sons have improved.


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