Kuwait eyes ‘smart system’ to screen expats

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At the Kuwait International Airport. ARCHIVE

Kuwait is seeking to set up a “smart system” to regulate and screen expatriate workers in the country, a government official said.

Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development Dr Khaled Mahdi said that mechanisms would be set up to test the professional skills of workers who would be allowed in the country.

Mahdi said that an online platform is being planned to screen potential workers from abroad and ensure that they are qualified for the job. The official also called for establishing an agency to hire foreign workers in the private sector.

Meanwhile, Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lt. Gen. Anwar Al Barjas said that the existing biometrics scanning in Kuwait will help set up a databank of all individuals living in the country aged 18 and above. Al Barjas recently toured biometric centers in the country.

Kuwait has been implementing a Kuwaitization campaign in an effort to put more citizens in jobs in both private and public sectors. It recently announced that it will cancel the work visas of 2,400 expat teachers in the country and replace them with Kuwaitis, as well stop the issuance of new visas for Filipinos.

Sources told Kuwait Times that the Ministry of Interior expects the number of expats to be deported this year to nearly double; from 30,000 last year to at least 50,000 this year.

Security inspections of areas with heavy expat population is also ongoing to catch and deport residency violators. ICA/Expat Media

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