Jayson Shaw opens billiards lounge in Dubai

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Jayson Shaw at the opening of the Jayson Shaw Billiard Lounge by Knight Shot at Armada Hotel, Al Barsha, Dubai. EXPAT MEDIA

“Eagle Eye” Jayson Shaw has opened his first billiards lounge in Dubai: the Jayson Shaw Billiard Lounge by Knight Shot at Armada Hotel in Al Barsha.

The five-time Mosconi Cup winner and US Open winner is hopeful that his newest venture—in partnership with sporting goods supplier Knight Shot—will help Dubai’s community of pool players to improve their game.

“I look forward to working with Knight Shot and hoping this can be a success in Dubai. There are many good pool players in Dubai but I don’t think they have a good place to play professionally, so hopefully this can be something that will grow the pool in Dubai,” Shaw told Expatmedia.net at the opening of his billiards lounge on Friday (August 18). Karl Boyes, the 2010 World 8-Ball Championship winner, attended the launch.

The spacious billiards lounge features show tables from popular brands, including 11 produced by Dubai-based Knight Shot. Tables can be booked by the hour for as little as Dh45. Shaw said the lounge will soon open a playroom for table tennis. The professional pool player said he is open to giving coaching classes when he is in Dubai.

Shaw’s modern billiard lounge sits above the Tornado Cafe Dubai shisha lounge and restaurant, also owned by Knight Shot, to allow players and visitors to order their favourite food and drinks while enjoying the games.

Jayson Shaw

Meanwhile, Hasnat Akram, CEO of Knight Shot Group, said that he is in talks with promoters Matchroom to host their qualifiers in Dubai and to launch a Dubai Open for billiards. “The game is getting more aggressive and we want to do qualifiers in the Middle East. What this market needs is more events,” Akram told Expatmedia.net. ICA/Expat Media

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