Indian Railways to bag world’s largest ‘green rail network’ title by 2030

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Indian Railways: World’s largest green rail network by 2030

By 2030, India will have the largest “green railway network” in the world, providing a big stimulus to climate action.

In seven years, when Indian Railways achieves its goal of fully electrifying its network, the company will become a “net-zero carbon emitter,” according to the Railway Ministry.

The rail network in Uttar Pradesh, the nation’s most populous state, has just been electrified. According to the declaration, all future rail lines built by the Northern and North Eastern Railway will be all electrified.

This state’s train system serves tourist destinations that draw tourists from abroad, including the Mussoorie hill station and the Jim Corbett National Park, a famous tiger reserve.

The Northern and North Eastern Railway, a state-owned division of Indian Railways, claims that the electrification of its network in Uttarakhand, India will improve the comfort of train travel for both local and foreign passengers.

Since 1884, Uttarakhand has had a working rail system, and several of its trains have become legends among rail enthusiasts worldwide. KD/Expat Media

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