Indian Man Stranded in UAE Repatriated to Kerala

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Muhsin has recently been repatriated to Kerala, India. SUPPLIED

An Indian man who has been stranded in the UAE for months has been repatriated, thanks to social workers who helped ensure his smooth exit.

Social workers learned about Muhsin’s plight after spotting him at a park where he has been staying after he was forced to leave his accommodation for non-payment of rent.

Muhsin, 49, arrived in the UAE on visit visa last March. He claimed that he later lost his bag containing his passport and other documents.

The Indian said he ended up overstaying his visa and accumulating fines since he could not pay for a new visa or a ticket to return home.

He received assistance from the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre, social workers workers Siyaf Mattanchery and Rahima Shaneed and Salam Pappinissery, CEO of Yab Legal Services, who helped him get a police clearance as well as an outpass from the Indian Consulate in Dubai. They also bought his airline ticket. UAE authorities waived Muhsin’s overstay fines, and he was able to return home to Kerala recently. ICA/Expat Media

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