UAE visit visa holders from India told to bring Dh5,000

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Indian airlines have issued recent advisories for visit visa holders travelling from India to the UAE, urging travelers to carry up to Dh5,000 for the trip.

Air India Express advised passengers to carry proof of their financial capacity to travel, as well as valid passports, return tickets and accommodation details.

Air India Express’ advisory instructed travelers to “carry or have in their account Dh3,000 for a 1-month visa and Dh5,000 for a longer stay, and additional documents of relatives or friends who are residents of the UAE.”

According to the airline, travelers must also have a passport that is valid for at least six months from their date of travel, plus a confirmed return ticket and confirmed hotel reservation.

SpiceJet ad Air India also issued similar advisories, urging travelers to have all the necessary supporting documents and funds. In its advisory, SpiceJet warned that “failure to do so may lead to deportation.”

The advisory also stated that “passengers who do not have the required documents will be denied boarding on our flights at the departing airport and all related charges will be debited to the ticketing agency.”

Airlines are reportedly conducting rigorous checks before issuing a boarding pass to travelers to ensure that they can enter the UAE, otherwise airlines are deemed responsible for returning passengers to their point of origin. ICA/Expat Media

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