How to be the right candidate during pandemic –  Insights to organizational psychology during these unprecedented times


DUBAI – The rattling effect of the recent pandemic has left many people jobless. Some are still going through reduced wage. But there is still hope. Companies are hiring and people are finding new jobs.

These are challenging times for job seekers and organizations alike. Organizations are now very conscious about their business. Talent is always going to be a key aspect.

When redundancies happen

Redundancies are painful. While this impacts the employee in a big way, it is difficult for companies too.

Companies have relied on their talent for long and letting go is not easy. How are they going to cope?

The only way is to get more out of less. Employees in existing roles should stretch and offer support. Contribute and go an extra mile. If your company grows, everyone will benefit.

Who is the right candidate?

Organizations are very cautious about their hiring. Even when they don’t have a potential vacancy, finding a “right candidate” could be very tempting. Smart companies are able to attract promising talent from competitors.

The definition of right candidate varies from organization to organization. Experience or qualifications are not the only determining factors.

The ability to stir change and navigate in these challenging times are key. A candidate who can demonstrate that they can add value are sure to convince potential employers.

Positive attitude matters

Let us turn the tables. Imagine you are the employer and you have two equally qualified candidates, both impacted by recent job loss. One demonstrates enthusiasm, professionalism, positive attitude and the other is looking for sympathy. Who will you select?

Remember: Companies have to generate revenue to sustain business and are inclined to hire someone who will be valuable.

Role of social media

Like it or not your potential employer, HR and agency recruiters are constantly looking for talent. They want to immediately spot a talent as soon as a position becomes available.

Candidates who are ranting, posting disparaging remarks or negative comments could jeopardize a potential opportunity with a future employer. Don’t be the cynic or trouble maker they want to avoid.

If you must, then disagree in a respectful way. Chasing the employer with “hi” and “good morning” will not help.

Working for a lower wage

Many candidates assume that once they take a lower wage, this becomes their benchmark for the next role.

Organizations see more in a candidate than just the remuneration. If you are able to demonstrate your achievements in the role, they will be flexible on the pay you’re expecting.

For your next move, remember to negotiate a better title, wider scope and look for learning opportunities.

Apply for the role only when you fit in. Imagine a civil engineer applying for a finance manager vacancy? The interviewer does not see your desperation but assumes that you have poor attention to detail and are lax.

Organizations want to recover and grow. Help them. The competition is tough but you have to outperform to outlast. Hope is real for those who have faith and are willing to work for it. SR/Expat Media


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About the author
A people’s person, Sangeetha Ramesh is a senior HR leader, thoroughly results-driven with international experience in global and strategic HR roles. Sangeetha holds a Masters degree in both Psychology and Human Resources and has acquired extensive HR expertise in different business sectors focusing on people transformation, innovation and organizational development areas. The views expressed here does not represent the current or previous organisations of the author. Follow her on LinkedIn

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