Homegrown Emirati brand ‘Bumblebee Food’ launches in UAE

With an urge to support working mums, mums-on-the-go, and new mums, the home-grown Emirati baby and toddlers’ food brand “Bumblebee Food” launched in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

With the recent rise in awareness of nutritional and safety aspects of baby foods, the home-grown brand “Bumblebee Food” aims to reduce the rates of obesity which results from bad eating habits at an early age; moreover, building a healthy society using the most natural and unprocessed ingredients.

Recent research shows that about one in five infants and toddlers in the UAE are at risk of becoming overweight due to poor diet and nutrition. Knowing how important it is to serve food meeting the dietary requirements, “Bumblebee Food” packs are developed to have all the nutrition a baby needs, which is at the same time rich in flavor without the added salt and sugar or preservatives.

“I created “Bumblebee Food” after I realized the impact of bad eating habits on young children. It is a passion that I hold close to my heart. I was babysitting my friend’s son when I realized how bland and unnatural those food jars were, so I began working on creating healthier and more flavourful recipes.”, said Qadreya Ebrahim, Founder and CEO “Bumblebee Food.”

All the brand’s ingredients are sourced locally, and the source of protein is hormone-free and grass-fed. “Bumblebee Food” is diligent in preparing all dishes, from sourcing ingredients to the final packaging that customers receive. The recipes are developed by two in-house specialized pediatric nutritionists and certified chefs.

Bumblebee Food’s best-selling products include Berry Blast, Veggie Mix; Meatballs and Sauce; and Spinach Pancakes.

“Bumblebee Food’s mission is to ensure a child develops a healthy and sustainable relationship with food. Our aim is to find effective ways to address obesity among children; and to be an instrument in supporting the National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031.”, added Qadreya.

Pack prices range from AED 18 to AED 30.

For more information, visit Bumblebee Food’s website at or visit our Instagram @bumblebee_ae. PR/ Expat Media

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