Hit-and-Run in UAE: Offenders Face Jail, Dh20,000 Fine

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Running from the scene of a traffic accident in the UAE is a crime punishable with jail time and a minimum fine of Dh20,000.

Under the UAE Federal Traffic Law, individuals who fail to stop at a traffic accident they caused or are involved in, and which resulted in injuries, can face jail time, and a fine of no less than Dh20,000.

If the traffic accident led to a death, then the driver is expected to face a criminal case, and face tough penalties, including jail time and blood money or compensation to the victim’s family worth up to Dh200,000.

In August, a 24-year-old Asian driver was arrested by Dubai Police within three hours of the incident. The driver had hit another Asian man who was crossing the road, severely injuring the victim.

Police said the driver fled the scene in the Al Qouz Industrial Area and was attempting to leave the country. He was immediately placed on the wanted list as police tracked him down and arrested him within hours.

What to do in case of a traffic accident

Lawyers in Dubai recommend that drivers involved in any road accident must park the vehicle at a safe place on the side of the road to prevent further traffic or accident.

Pedestrians hit by a vehicle that has fled the scene of the accident must try to note the plate number of the vehicle, if possible.

Anyone involved in a traffic accident must call the police hotline on 999 for immediate assistance. Taking photos and videos of the damaged vehicle is allowed, but avoid taking photos or videos of the individual as this is against the UAE cybercrime law.

Police will prepare an accident report as soon as they reach the site and assess the situation. This report will be used for any car insurance claim, or as evidence in a civil or criminal case. ICA/Expat Media

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