Hit-and-run in Sharjah: Arab motorist arrested

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An Arab motorist involved in a hit-and-run incident in Sharjah has been arrested within three hours of committing the crime, according to Sharjah Police.

Police said the Arab motorist fled after hitting an Asian man with his car in Sharjah’s Second Industrial Street on Tuesday (July 25). The victim sustained moderate to critical injuries and is being treated at Qassimi Hospital.

Preliminary investigation showed that the Asian man crossed the road in an undesignated area when he was run over by the car driven by the Arab man.

Police were able to track the Arab driver within three hours, using security footage from the area. Police said the driver will face a double penalty for fleeing the scene of the accident.

Following the incident, police reiterated a reminder to motorists to give way to pedestrians crossing the roads and comply with speed limits, while also explaining that pedestrians must always use designated crossings. ICA/Expat Media

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