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Personal items you can bring to Dubai without paying customs fees


Travelling to Dubai and worried about which items you can stuff in your luggage that won’t cost you a fortune in customs fees?

Obviously your clothes are customs-exempt. "Passenger’s personal belongings are permitted entry and shall be exempted from customs fees,” the Dubai Customs said.

What else is allowed? Check out Dubai Customs’ list of permitted customs-exempted items that you can bring with you without paying customs fees and the conditions for exemption.

Still and moving image video cameras with their appropriate tapes, films and accessories.

Cash money, currencies and travelers cheques altogether less than Dh40,000 and the passenger’s age shall not be less than 18 years old.

Radio systems, combined broadcasting apparatus, CD and DVD players with agreeable quantities.

Agreeable quantities of projectors for displaying slides and films including accessories


Mobile phone

Portable TV sets

Computers, including laptops

Baby strollers

Portable music equipment

Sports equipment

Portable typing sets

Portable calculators

– Disabled wheelchairs and cars

Conditions for customs fee exemption

1. Baggage and gifts must be of a personal nature and not in commercial quantities.

2. The passenger should not be a frequent traveler with goods on a regular basis, or a member of the respective conveyance crew.

3. Passengers must be above 18 years of age for carrying allowable cigarettes or alcoholic beverages into the country.

4. The aforementioned conditions apply to whoever accompanies the passenger.

Source: Dubai Customs


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