Motivational speaker and author Lloyd Luna.


Literary star Lloyd Luna at Sharjah book fair

When we talk motivation, Lloyd Luna knows the drill. After all, this popular motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur is also a sergeant in the Philippine Air Force.

“It’s all about goal setting,” Luna, the founder and chairman of Luna Group of Companies, told in an exclusive interview. He is also the founder of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers and was awarded the Quezon Medal of Honor, the highest recognition given by the Quezon provincial government to distinguished civilian achievers.

Luna is also a prolific writer and has 17 books to his name. His latest, the Alphabet of Achievement, impressed Sharjah International Book Fair organizers so much that they flew him to the emirate last November, making him the first Filipino author to be a guest speaker at the prestigious literary event.

Despite his accomplishments, Luna remains modest and maintains his sense of humor. It is important not to take oneself too seriously, he said.

The self-confessed “serial entrepreneur” said he loves the challenge of jumping from business to business. “I don’t mind changing or modifying business models as long as they are sustainable and can help me buy diapers for my baby,” he said, laughing.

When asked about his secret to success, Luna mused: “I stopped pleasing people around me. I dived inside myself and discovered what it is inside me that I can offer to the world. So that I can serve the world better, that can also serve me. When I discovered that, I embraced it.”

Being a motivational speaker was something that he discovered he excelled at, and he found that the more that he “spoke like a friend” to people, the more they sat and listened. Over the past 15 years, he has spoken on leadership, communication, and transformation in over 1,500 conventions, conferences, and seminars in Asia, Oceania, and Europe.

He put motivational thoughts into paper when he started writing books, his first one coincidentally titled “Is There a Job Waiting For You?”

“One publishing house after another turned me down, so in 2004, I said I should publish it myself,” Luna recalled. There was only one problem: he didn’t have the money to get published. “Fortunately, I got a client for a web design work that I taught myself to do,” he said. The side job helped him raise enough money to put up his own publishing company, Lloyd Luna Communications, and allowed him to finally publish his first book.

Luna’s drive for success is encapsulated in his book, Alphabet of Achievement. The best lesson people can learn from the book? “Abandon your extra baggage. I think a lot of people cannot more forward, they cannot set another goal because they are still living in the past. We are so attached to the past, whether good or bad, success or failure, that we forget that we are living in the now and we have to prepare for the future,” Luna said.

He didn’t stop setting goals, even during the pandemic; choosing to enlist in the Philippine Air Force. “Not because I was bored. I wanted to learn more about leading and managing people, and the military had a structure that I thought I could learn from, not from books or from talking to CEOs,” Luna said.

Military training was an entirely different ball game, he said, adding it was “physically exhausting”. “But I really immersed myself,” he said. He earned his place as a sergeant of the Philippine Air Force.

The pandemic opened more doors for him. He set up the Public Speaking Institute and started online public speaking classes. They were a hit. “I had 28 students during the first session and by the end of the year, I had 215 certified public speakers enrolled in the institute,” he said.

It’s not all work for Luna, though. He also gives time for “spiritual nourishment”. “I play the organ. I teach a choir in Manila. I compose songs. It refreshes me,” he said.

The last secret in his alphabet of achievement is about putting on the work. “Remember that muscles are not built in a day. You don’t enroll in the gym and expect to be muscular the next day. So stretch your muscles. And ask for help,” he said. ICA/Expat Media

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