Filipino in Dubai wins Dh1 million in Mahzooz

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Sherlon poses with his token cheque at the Mahzooz headquarters in Dubai on April 19, 2023. EXPAT MEDIA

Filipino in Dubai wins Dh1 million in Mahzooz

A Filipino radiographer in Dubai has won Dh1 million in the latest Mahzooz draw, after winning only the consolation prize of Dh35 in the previous format of the popular game.

“I never lost hope that maybe someday I will win,” Sherlon (full name withheld) told after he was presented his token cheque at the Mahzooz headquarters in Dubai on Wednesday (April 19). The Dh20 million jackpot went to Nepali winner, Padam.

Sherlon came by himself to the ceremony but said that his family is thrilled with his big windfall. “I had to drop my wife and our baby to the hospital just before coming here. Our baby is due for his vaccine,” Sherlon told with a big smile.

The 35-year-old from Isabela in the Philippines and his wife welcomed their son four months ago, when the baby was born in Dubai.

“I was feeding him when my friend called to tell me he saw my name as one of the winners. I couldn’t pick up the call, so he called my sister-in-law who is living in the same apartment, and she came running to my room to tell me the good news,” he said.

His winning numbers consisted of his birthday, his wife’s and son’s birthday, his wedding anniversary and monthsary. He usually picks one or two lines when he participates in Mahzooz.

Sherlon has been living in the UAE in the last ten years and works at a private hospital in Dubai where he earns Dh11,000 per month.

Does he plan on continuing his job as a radiographer? “We’ll see. We are still planning what is best for us,” he said.

Sherlon said his phone has been ringing non-stop with congratulatory messages from people since they found out about his lucky win. He is still eyeing to win the jackpot prize of Dh20 million.

With Dh1 million that he won, Sherlon said he plans to invest in his son’s education, and build his wife’s dream home in Isabela. He also wants to share some money to help people in need in his community in the Philippines. He doesn’t plan on stopping his participation in Mahzooz. “My goal is to win the grand prize,” he said. ICA/Expat Media

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