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Expat returns Dh123,000 deposited by mistake into his bank account


DUBAI – If you found an extra Dh123,000 deposited by a stranger in your bank account what would you do?

You might also return it, just like what Jordanian man Belal Al Houri did recently.

Al Houri had discovered the money as he checked his bank account, according to an Al Bayan report.

The businessman, who has been living in the UAE in the last 14 years, thought it was payment from a client, but confirmed this with the bank anyway.

He was told that the money was deposited into his account by an Emirati woman.

Al Houri said he contacted the woman and she told him that the money was meant to be deposited into her husband’s bank account.

After clearing the situation, Al Houri alerted the bank about the mistake and the transaction was corrected.

The Jordanian received praise from the bank and from the woman and her family for his honesty. GAD/Expat Media


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