President dangles 1 million-peso bounty on six or seven members of terror group


BOHOL – President Rodrigo Duterte yesterday ordered the Philippine military to capture at least six members of the extremist Abu Sayyaf terror group whom government troopers clashed with in Inabanga town in the central Philippine island of Bohol last week.

In a speech after a security briefing on the encounter with the bandit group, Duterte also offered a bounty of 1 million pesos for each Abu Sayyaf bandit.

He revealed plans to arm civilians against terrorists and drug lords.

The bandits evaded government troops after an armed encounter in Inabanga.

Nine Abu Sayyaf members, three soldiers and a policemen died in the clash, ehich happened just a few days after the US amd two other foreign embassies warned their nationals against travelling to central Philippines over kidnapping threats.

“My order to the police and to everyone and even to the civilians. they should fight and kill. My order is dead or alive. If there are six (bandits), maybe scouring the safety nets, wherever they can land, I have P1 million offer per person,” Duterte said.

“I intend to also arm the civilians. And I will include the civilians, if you kill somebody, you just go to the police and make the report and state your truth, no problem, I will take care of you and pardon you,” Duterte added.

The President said the manhunt for the Abu Sayyaf bandits will also include drug suspects as he pointed out that drug users are dangerous because they are paranoid as result of habitual drug use and are capable of fighting back.

Duterte said: “My enemies here are drugs and terrorists. Drug addicts have weapons. Ask any policeman or mayor. They really have that. If they say that the firearms were planted, that’s not true. Almost all of them are really paranoid.” GAC/Expat Media


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