Dubai: Woman fined Dh1,000 after falsely accusing ex-boyfriend of assault

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Woman fined, falsely accused ex-boyfriend of assault

An Arab woman filed a false report of sexual assault against her ex-boyfriend and was fined Dh1,000.

During the investigation, she withdrew her statement, claiming she only made the story up because she wanted revenge after her ex-boyfriend left her.

The man said they were in a relationship but he broke up with her because of her “abusive” behavior. He claimed that she once lied to him about pregnancy, saying she only did it out of love.

The court sentenced the woman to three years in jail and a Dh1,000 fine. She will also be deported after completing her sentence.

However, after the woman appealed the ruling, the court removed her prison term and canceled her deportation. RZSP/Expat Media

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