A delivery robot from US-based Starship Technologies.


Dubai to roll out supermarket delivery robots


DUBAI – The next time you buy from the supermarket, a robot may help you carry your groceries all the way to your doorstep.

A new autonomous delivery robot was unveiled at the recent Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and FedEx are joining forces to develop a fleet that can deliver groceries to any point in Dubai.

The project is expected to go on trial in Dubai Silicon Oasis. A start date for the trial has yet to be confirmed. If launched, it will be a first for the UAE.

In the US, Starship Technologies has built a fleet of delivery robots that can navigate through roads and pedestrian walks.

“We feel it will work as a good product delivery service for Dubai,” said Ahmed Bahrozyan, chief executive of the public transport agency at RTA.

Automated pods will collect groceries from a transit hub and deliver them to a chosen destination. The robot can carry items within a six-kilometre radius. Its cargo bay may only be opened by the recipient using an app on their smartphone.

RTA’s Bahrozyan also said that drones may also be potentially used in Dubai’s autonomous delivery service.

“We need to test it to see how people interact with the service and how reliable it is. Then we will decide if there is a path towards wider implementation in Dubai,” he said. DAJ/Expat Media


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