Dubai: Nigerian burn victim returns home after ground-breaking treatment

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Mohammed Garba with Dr. Sanjay Parashar of Cocoona Clinic.

A Nigerian teen who suffered severe burns from a gas explosion at his home has returned to his home country after a ground-breaking treatment in Dubai.

Mohammed Garba, 18, was thankful for being given a “second chance” at life after his successful treatment in Dubai with skin grafts using human stem cells to generate skin tissue.

Garba had been unable to walk properly or use his hands after the gas explosion in his home last February left him severely burned. He had to be carried on a wheelchair.

He received initial treatment in Nigeria and Cairo but his family decided to have him treated in Dubai when his injuries didn’t heal.

Dr. Sanjay Parashar, a plastic surgeon in Dubai’s Cocoona Clinic, offered to help Garba with a discounted rate for treatment.

Dr. Parashar said that Garba’s wounds had many infections when he first arrived in Dubai for a check-up. The specialist doctor said that for the skin graft, stem cells from Garba’s on body were used to regrow skin and help him heal faster. The Nigerian teen then underwent skin grafts at Dubai London Hospital, where he spent 70 days.

Dr. Parashar praised Garba for being “strong, brave and motivated which helped us to manage his recovery.”

Garba’s brother said that the teen has recovered by 90 percent after the new method of skin grafts. He also underwent physiotherapy and was able to walk by himself within a few weeks. He is continuing his recovery in Nigeria. ICA/Expat Media

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