Sangeetha Ramesh (inset) is an HR expert in the UAE.


Jobseeker drives to interview in Ferrari: What HR expert did next


DUBAI – Some people dress to impress on their job hunt. One man drove to his job interview in a Ferrari.

This was the case of a young Omani who came to his  job interview in a Ferrari, a top HR professional in the UAE confirmed to

“It was for an entry role,” said Sangeetha Ramesh, Global Head of People Planning for a money exchange company in the UAE.

Speaking to after her viral LinkedIn post, Ramesh said that the jobseeker, Ali (full name withheld), was “cheerful and confident” when he arrived to apply as sales consultant.

“He parked close to where our employees were passing by, and the guy looked flamboyant, so everyone started talking about the Ferrari and why he was there,” Ramesh told

The HR expert said that Ali, in his early 20s, was invited for an interview because he had “all the relevant qualifications” for the role. The incident happened in the company’s head office a few years ago.

The interview went well, with Ramesh and a colleague asking him all the usual questions. Until, someone had to address the elephant in the room. Or Ferrari, in this case.

Ramesh then asked, “You have a Ferrari. Why should we hire you?”

“With twinkling eyes, he said, ‘Because I’m first class like my car!’” Ramesh quoted Ali as saying.

She recalled laughing amusedly at his answer. Her colleague, however, wasn’t convinced.

“He looked at my colleague and said, ‘Will your decision change if I was a driver instead?’ It didn’t matter. We offered him the role,” Ramesh said.

Ramesh said the decision to hire Ali proved worth it. “He was hard working, efficient and popular with colleagues and customers alike!”

Her colleague worried that Ali “may not stick around” to grow with the company.

Ramesh, on the other hand, said she had a different mindset, believing that Ali’s growth “is ours, too”.

As it turned out, Ali got promoted and stayed on with the company for a few years before moving to his next career.

“A few years later he would visit us with chocolates and wishes!” said Ramesh, adding that their former colleague is a “good friend” now.

Empowering people

The HR expert believes in empowering people. “When people are empowered, they expand their horizons and contribute in many ways. This reflects on the organization’s performance and productivity,” Ramesh told

“Traditionally, organizations wait to generate revenue and offer growth in the form of remuneration. This is slowly changing as organizations embrace a growth mindset,” she added.

She believes having a “growth mindset” is crucial. “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work–brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning, and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment,” she said, quoting US psychology professor and author Carol Dweck. ICA/PIA/Expat Media

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