Dubai-based car cleaner Ismael poses with the biggest tip of his life.


Dubai cleaner gets biggest tip of his life


DUBAI – A car cleaner at Dubai Mall got the biggest tip of his life after a social media star gave him more than his year’s worth of salary in cash.

Alex, more popularly known as Supercar Blondie on Facebook and YouTube, on Friday posted a video of the heartwarming encounter with Bangladeshi car cleaner, Ismael (full name withheld). Watch the video:

As luck would have it, Ismael was standing around as Supercar Blondie and her husband drove up to the mall’s multi-level car park to pretend to get a car wash in order to surprise a lucky car cleaner.

Ismael has been working as a car cleaner for mobile car wash service Geo Wash in the last 10 years. He said he left his home in Bangladesh to support his wife and family.

He cleans up to 20 cars per day and normally gets tips of between Dh10 and Dh15. The biggest tip he ever received was Dh100, he said.

Supercar Blondie first gave him Dh100 to cover the Dh20 car wash and his Dh80 tip. A smiling Ismail gladly accepted the cash.

She then prods him further by asking him how much he makes in a month.

“Ismail because you work so hard and you do such a fantastic job, I would like to give you a month’s salary,” she told him after getting the cash from a white envelope with wads of dirhams.

“Really?” Ismail said, hesitating a bit before accepting the cash with a big smile. He told her he was going to send the money home to his family.

It gets even better when Supercar Blondie asked him how much money he made in a year, and after knowing the figure, she reached back into the white envelope to give him more.

“I would love to do this for you because you’re such a kind guy. I would love to give you your entire annual salary in cash,” she said as she hands him the money.

“Thank you so much… I am so much happy,” Ismael said before becoming almost speechless. It is believed the Banglashi expat received more than Dh8,000 as a tip.

In her post, Supercar Blondie said she was “happy to finally be in a position to give back and make others happy”, saying it was nice to meet Ismael. She called him a “champion”. ICA/Expat Media

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