Dubai Business Bay café murder case: 19-year-old Israeli killer loses appeal

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The convicts in the Business Bay murder case in Dubai. DUBAI POLICE

A 19-year-old Israeli lost his appeal against a life sentence for stabbing another Israeli dead at a café in Dubai’s Business Bay area, according to reports on Monday (January 15).

Several other Israeli men involved in the murder also lost their appeal for a reduced sentence, with the Dubai Court of Appeal upholding a sentence of 10 years in jail for each of them.

The lower court had sentenced the main defendant, 19-year-old Hassan Yajori, to life in jail for stabbing dead his 33-year-old compatriot Ghassan Shamsyeh. Yajori was found guilty of premeditated murder.

The incident happened last May 24, 2023, near the Dubai Water Canal in Business Bay. A waiter who witnessed the attack said the group had visited the café two days in a row before the incident, and that on the day of the attack, the group chased the victim after the latter arrived at the cafe during lunch time.

The waiter testified that Yajori stabbed Shamsyeh with a knife from his pocket, while five others stopped the victim’s friend. Shamsyeh was able to flee to a car park and lock himself in a car before he died. According to a forensic report, he sustained a 5cm stab wound to his heart.

Police said that the deadly attack “stemmed from an ongoing dispute between two families”. Police arrested eight people The court ruled that the group traveled to Dubai to avenge the deaths of a relative and a friend.

Meanwhile, a separate civil case has been filed against the group, and they have been ordered to pay an initial Dh51,000 in compensation. ICA/Expat Media

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