A beggar waits for alms outside a store in Dubai's Deira district.


Dh5,000 fine, jail time for begging in UAE, Public Prosecution warns

Begging is considered a crime in the UAE, with violators to be sentenced to jail and fined at least Dh5,000, the UAE Public Prosecution warned on Friday (March 24).

In a video, the UAE Public Prosecution said that any form of begging will not be tolerated and that the maximum jail time will be three months and a fine of not less than Dh5,000.

According to the Public Prosecution, the punishment will be harsher if the beggar is not physically handicapped, or have pretended to have injuries or disabilities.

Stringent punishment will also be given to beggars who have an apparent source of living, and those who use other deceitful means to get money from the public.

Earlier this month, Dubai Police reported that operatives arrested a beggar who was found to have Dh300,000 hidden in his artificial limb.

In February, two beggars who were harassing Dubai Metro users for money were sentenced to one month in jail, followed by deportation.

Police have repeatedly urged the public to report beggars through the hotline 901.

Colonel Ali Al Shamsi, director of the Anti-Infiltrators Department of Dubai Police, said beggars use deceptive methods to get people’s sympathy, and that they usually strike as Ramadan draws near. He urged the public to only deal with approved charities. ICA/Expat Media

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