Demon Chef in Dubai: Alvin Leung brings his flair to UAE

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Celebrity chef Alvin Leung in his Dubai restaurant, Demon Duck. VISIT DUBAI

The ‘Demon chef’ brings his flair to Dubai

The devil is in the details and that’s why Alvin Leung is aptly called Demon Chef.

Michelin star celebrity chef Alvin Leung has brought his signature Asian plates to Demon Duck, his first restaurant in Dubai. The self-confessed “Demon Chef” shows his fun personality as he talks food. Here’s the Q&A:

Why Dubai?

Very exciting city, lots and lots of restaurants. You know, great chefs.

What’s great about Demon Duck?

I’m trying to give them something that is more me; some surprises.

Your favourite item on the menu.

Definitely it will be the duck.

Middle Eastern or Chinese food?

I think Chinese but by just a very small margin.

Your favourite comfort food.

It’s gotta be soup. Anything that’s liquid and hot.

Street food or silver service?

Yeah, even as a chef I would like to be pampered with silver service.

Breakfast or brunch?

Brunch is just a very expensive breakfast. So I go with the cheap one, breakfast.

Top 3 words to describe yourself.

Playfully demon. Okay? That’s one word. Contradicting in a lot of ways because I like to show people different sides of me. And finally, you know, I’m international and diversified. But I’m so handsome! Is that lens cracking? (looks at camera) No, it’s still there! Okay. ICA/Expat Media

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