Dear Auntie Anne: My relative keeps on borrowing money from me

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A reader asks: I have a relative who keeps on borrowing money from me for personal reasons. I’ve given some money on several occasions without being repaid. This time, my relative is asking to borrow money so he can fly home because he hasn’t seen his family since the pandemic. I know he is in a rough spot right now but I also feel like he is sponging off me all the time. I feel like I need to put my foot down and make my relative realise that I don’t pick money from trees here in the UAE. What is the best thing to do?

Auntie Anne says: Dear, if he keeps on borrowing money without paying, then he is making a fool out of you. Let this be a lesson for you. Do not let anyone treat you like a walking ATM, otherwise there would be nothing left even for yourself. Learn to say no, and make it clear to him that no means no. Don’t just say a half-hearted no that means like it may be a yes. Stand your ground and stay firm in your decision that enough is enough. Debts should be paid, no matter what, even for an extended time.

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