Dear Auntie Anne: I left my boyfriend for Dubai and now I feel the love fading fast

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A reader asks: When I left for Dubai, my boyfriend and I decided to try a long-distance relationship since he still had a good career in our country while a new opportunity opened for me in UAE.

I have been busy at work and I love my job, but the weird thing is I don’t miss my boyfriend that much. The longer we are apart, the more I feel like we are meant to go on our own separate paths. He’s a really sweet guy and he spends a lot of time with my family back home. But how do I tell him that I feel that I may have lost my feelings for him?

Auntie Anne says: Don’t give up just yet. Exhaust all options first. You could go home for a vacation and rekindle your romance or he could spend some time with you in Dubai. One of you has to make a move otherwise your relationship is going down the drain. If he is not able to travel because of work or financial constraints, then it’s all up to you if you still want to make it work. Some people throw love away so easily without fighting for it. Despite all the challenges, it’s still worth something. Love is not just about feelings; it is a decision and a commitment to stay.

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