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Coronavirus health checks to expect at UAE airports


DUBAI – Extra health screenings are now in place at airports in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in efforts to curb the spread of the new coronavirus or Covid-19.

Airports in Dubai, however, will close from March 26 as part of preventive measures by UAE authorities. In a statement, Dubai Airports said that Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central will be closed to the traveling public “until further notice”.

Dubai airports

At Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central, arriving passengers will go through health checks that include a screening and swabbing process.

According to Dubai Airports, all passengers arriving at Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central will be subject to special health tests.

Airport procedures to combat Covid-19

  • Arriving passengers to undergo thermal scanning
  • Passengers with high temperatures are sent to hospital
  • Other passengers are taken to a waiting hall
  • Medical swab is taken for lab test
  • After Passport Control, passengers get precaution information on Covid-19
  • Proceeding to Baggage Claim
  • Travellers undergo additional thermal screening before leaving airport
  • Establishing communication with passengers when needed


Passengers arriving in Dubai will be asked to fill out a document before disembarking from the flight. The form asks if they have been to China in the last two weeks, or were in contact with anyone suffering from symptoms of Covid-19. Passengers will also need to write their address and their seat number on the plane.

On the air bridge, passengers will pass through a thermal scanner manned by staff in hospital gowns and masks.

Thermal scanners

Passengers arriving in and out of Dubai will undergo thermal scanning. Medical staff will administer the health checks before passengers will go through immigration. Passengers with high temperatures are sent to hospital.

Nasal swab

Passengers will then be led to the departure gate area that has been set up as a medical testing area where passengers will be given a nasal swab before they can leave the airport.


Info on Covid-19

After Passport Control, passengers will get precaution information on Covid-19. Passengers can then proceed to Baggage Claim. Before leaving the airport, travelers will undergo additional thermal screening.

Communication when needed

According to Dubai Airports, authorities may also contact passengers when needed.

Abu Dhabi

At the Abu Dhabi International Airport, a representative told that all arriving passengers will be screened for symptoms and “appropriate measures will be taken according to the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention”.

A representative of the Department of Health at the Abu Dhabi International Airport told that authorized personnel will do an initial assessment to determine whether suspect passengers will be required to undergo quarantine.

Airport measures to combat Covid-19

  • Medical team to visit aircraft to screen passengers
  • Passengers to board sanitized buses after disembarking
  • Passengers to be taken to isolation area for further procedures
  • Swab tests are taken, passengers’ travel history to be checked
  • Passengers to undergo thermal scanning before leaving airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport said that medics will visit aircrafts to screen passengers for high body temperature before they are allowed to disembark from the plane. Passengers will then be transported by sanitized buses and taken to an isolation area for further procedures. Passengers will be given swab tests, and their travel history checked, if necessary. Before leaving the airport, passengers will undergo thermal screening.


In Sharjah, all arriving passengers at the Sharjah International Airport will undergo thermal screening at the Immigration section. A representative told that passengers detected with symptoms of coronavirus, such as fever, will be taken to a medical centre at the airport for further assessment. ICA/Expat Media

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