Rinaz Nazar is the Operations Manager of Chicking.


Expat story: Cleaning boy who became manager


DUBAI – Nothing pays like hard work, and no one can vouch for that more than Rinaz Nazar, who started his career as a cleaning boy before becoming one of the top executives at Chicking.

“I was 19 and just fresh out of college when I got the job in the Hygiene Department. My first duty was cleaning the floors,” recalled Nazar, who is now Operations Manager at the popular restaurant chain.

He was first stationed at a Chicking outlet in India and was assigned to wash the dishes and clean every corner of the restaurant, but he did his job with a happy heart.

“I found it satisfying and never ardous. I was also grateful to be part of an extended family,” he said. He grew in his career as his managers appreciated the effort he put in and rewarded him with job promotions.

Dealing with customers, Nazar said one of the perks of his job is developing relationships with diners, particularly those who are regulars at Chicking.

“There are lot of memorable experiences with customers from different walks of life… celebrities, doctors, businessmen, famous social workers,” he said.

“I’ve seen families grow up with Chicking. Some of these diners were just kids when I first saw them at the store. Now they’re grown up and still visit us,” he added.

As Chicking expanded from a single store in Dubai into a global chain of more than 180 outlets, so did Nazar’s career, flourishing in the 19 years that he has worked there.

“I experienced steady growth in my career. Now, I work across India, Dubai and Maldives. My new responsibility is to take care of business development in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Rinaz said he gets inspiration from the success story of Chicking’s founder and managing director, AK Mansoor, who started his first Halal restaurant in Dubai in 2000 before it became a worldwide restaurant chain.

What has been the number one drive for his loyalty at work?

“Actually, majority of the staff has been with Chicking for more than 10 years. The reason for the long tenure of employees is because of our beloved MD (AK Mansoor), who always loves, motivates and supports the team. He is a role model to many, including myself,” he said.

Having spent nearly 20 years with one company, Rinaz said job security is a two-way street.

“Wherever we are, we need to work with sincerity and wait for our efforts to pay off. If the management doesn’t recognize your efforts, then look for a different platform. But before you look for a different opportunity, have patience and give your best effort,” he advised.

To those who encounter problems at work, he said, “Life is learning curve, learn from the good and bad experience.”

The pandemic has added a layer of difficulty for everyone, but Rinaz believes it’s just a matter of making the right adjustment.

“We have been facing this unprecedent situation for last one year. We learnt how to live with this. There are ups and downs in life, so be brave and fight hard. We will come out in flying colors,” he said. PIA/Expat Media

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