A member of Dubai Mall's traffic division helps jump start a car at the parking area.


Little known Dubai Mall service saves stranded shopper


DUBAI – A little known service at Dubai Mall can be a life saver when you get stranded at the parking area with a car with a dead battery.

An editor got to experience the free service on Sunday (August 1) after her car engine refused to turn on. It turns out her car battery got drained after she accidentally left one of the interior lights on.

“I couldn’t start my car. Luckily, it was parked next to the car of a guy who had just parked at the mall. He told me about the Dubai Mall traffic service, saying they helped him with the same issue some time ago,” the editor said.

She headed to the nearest Dubai Mall customer service desk to ask for help and was referred to mall security, who then alerted their team member from the traffic division.

After getting the car’s location and details, crew member Vinod Mohan, driving a buggy cart, arrived at the scene within ten minutes of the distress call.

With the help of the handheld jump starter that he brought along, it took just a few seconds after switching on the ignition for the vehicle to roar back to life.

“This was the first time this happened to me at the mall, and I am so grateful that the traffic service at Dubai Mall responded so quickly. Such a great service,” the editor said. ICA/Expat Media


Dubai Mall number for traffic-related issues

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