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Specialist at Wormhole Information Technology in Dubai shares important things to consider

For the past few years, we have met quite a few residents who have shared their experiences of woes and disappointments after buying second-hand laptops.

Buying a used laptop can provide great value for money because it is cost-effective and eco-friendly and functions just as well as a new laptop. However, you need to make sure the laptop you are buying is still in good condition to limit the aftersales risks.

To save yourself from potential headache, here are some tips:

1. Examine it carefully

Notice any visual flaws, such as cracks and dents on the laptop frame, or missing screws. This will give you an idea of any possible internal damage. Also, check that everything works, from the screen, keyboard, USB and Ethernet ports, audio input, speakers, wireless connectivity and battery life. Bring a technician if you must.

2. Know the specs

Always ask the seller for the complete hardware specifications of the laptop being sold. You can also do an online search of the year the laptop was released by the manufacturer to determine its actual generation and age. You may check by using its exact model number or serial.

3. Check the charger

Check if charger is working and if the battery is charging. Is the charger original? Replacement chargers may cause irreparable damage to the laptop.

4. Ask for the health of the storage drive

A storage drive or hard drive that is more than 90 percent is good. Less than that, make sure you back up important files to an external drive.

5. Compare prices

If the price is too good to be true, do your due diligence. Before making a purchase, make sure you compare the price of a used computer to the price of a new one so you can see whether or not you would be better off buying a new one.

6. Get a warranty, if possible

If possible, buy a used laptop from a seller that offers some form of warranty so you can still come back to them in case something goes wrong with the device. For example, some trusted e-commerce websites sell refurbished laptops with a limited warranty. ALSO READ: 6 laptop myths busted

Moi Adz is specialist at Wormhole Information Technology in Dubai

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