Avelina is shocked to receive a box of cash from Supercar Blondie.


Filipina in Dubai receives full college fund suprise for son


DUBAI – A 50-year-old Filipina in Dubai got a “massive surprise” after her employer gave her a box full of dirhams to pay for her son’s full college tuition.

Prior to the surprise, Avelina thought she was being interviewed for a documentary for her boss, social media star Alex, more popularly known as Supercar Blondie. Here’s how the surprise unfolded:

Avelina moved to Dubai from the Philippines to support her family and save money for her younger son’s college. The Filipina has two sons, aged 15 and 29. She has been away from her sons for three years.

Her dedication and work ethic impressed Supercar Blondie so much that she decided to give cash worth “an entire college fund for a very special employee of mine”.

Avelina’s co-workers have described her as the “heart and soul” of their office.

“She means so much to me. I couldn’t do what I do today without her,” Supercar Blondie said, adding that Avelina helps her with everything, from running errands to doing admin work, and even cooking food for the content creation team.

Supercar Blondie described her as an “integral” part of her team.

So when Supercar Blondie finally broke the surprise to Avelina, the Filipina was touched, wiping away tears as the supercar content creator gave her a bouquet of flowers and a box.

But that wasn’t everything. A bigger surprise unfolded when she opened the box and saw all the money inside.

“I’m a millionaire!” she said, flabbergasted before profusely thanking her kind boss.

Avelina said she is hoping to spend time with her sons, whom she hasn’t seen in the last three years, except online where they communicate “almost everyday”.

She is also planning to save enough money to build a house in the Philippines that she can rent out to students to boost her income. ICA/Expat Media


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