UAE: 18 influencers to compete in Agemono Express TikTok Challenge

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Eighteen UAE-based influencers have emerged as finalists in the Agemono Express TikTok Challenge, with their entry videos to be uploaded starting on Tuesday (June 25).

Agemono Express revealed to Expat Media that it received a flurry of submissions for its TikTok Challenge, which were shortlisted to the final 18 entrants.

The finalists include Emz Serano, Pinay Indian Accent, Pokwang of Dubai, Rollen in Dubai, Junie, Welard, Izzyzion, Edric, Katrina, Raynan, Leah Calalo, Rafael, Engineer Loyd, Berma, Maui, Sir Jiohn and Jed Galas.

The finalists’ entry videos will be uploaded on TikTok from June 25 until August 5, with the best and most viewed or liked entry getting a better chance of winning the challenge and “exciting prizes” from UAE-based restaurant chain Agemono Express.

“Show off your best moves, creative ideas, or unique experiences with our delicious offerings. Whether it’s a dance, a funny skit, or a heartfelt review, we want to see it all!” Agemono Express urged finalists. The winning entry will be announced on August 10. ICA/Expat Media

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