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5-year UAE Green Visa: Minimum Dh15,000 salary needed

Applicants of the UAE’s 5-year UAE Green Visa must have a monthly salary of not less than Dh15,000, authorities have confirmed.

The Green Visa is among the popular long-term residence visas that the UAE has rolled out to retain top talents in the country.

The UAE’s Green Visa allows the holder to sponsor himself for five years, eliminating the need for a UAE national or employer to sponsor his visa.

Who can apply for a UAE Green Visa?

Freelancers, self-employed and skilled employees can apply for a UAE Green Visa. The visa is given to “top achievers, including students, investors, businessmen and those with specialized skills.”

What are the requirements for UAE Green Visa?

For freelancers or self-employed individuals, the requirements are a freelancer permit or self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), proof of a bachelor’s degree, evidence of annual income from self-employment in the last two years, amounting to not less than Dh360,000 or proof of financial solvency throughout their stay in the UAE.

For skilled workers, the requirements is a valid work contract, a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, a salary of not less than Dh15,000 and classification in the first, second, or third occupational level, as determined by MOHRE.

The minimum educational level must be a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and their salary should not be less than Dh15,000.

What are the benefits of UAE Green Visa?

Green Visa holders can have a 5-year residency in the UAE, and they can sponsor their parents for residency for five years. This limit was previously two years.

Visa holders can also sponsor their sons until the age of 25 instead of 18, or sponsor their children with special needs until adulthood. There is no age limit for unmarried daughters that parents with UAE Green Visa want to sponsor.

The decision also allows parents of a disabled child to sponsor them into adulthood. Parents can continue to sponsor unmarried daughters at any age.

The Green Visa has been one of the go-to visa options for those who recently lost their jobs as applicants are given 90 to 180 days—once their visa expires or is cancelled—to stay in the UAE to complete their application.

How to apply for UAE Green Visa

Applicants in Dubai can apply for UAE Green Visa on the website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai (Click on Services, then go to new Visa Services, and choose Issuing Entry Permit for Green Residence [Partner]) while applicants from other emirates can go to the website or app of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Authority. They can also contact any government-approved typing center. ICA/Expat Media

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