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How to exercise safely during Ramadan in UAE


DUBAI – Working out during Ramadan is challenging, but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop your goal of staying fit.

To help you maintain your fitness during the holy month here are some tips from the fitness experts at BARE in Dubai.

1. Enjoy iftar but..

Eat within an hour only and try to keep 90 percent of your food free from sugar, grains and potato. Late night before bed time, eat 1 to 2 eggs with half an vocado, and/or some yogurt. Avoid food that will dehydrate you.

2. Cheat meals are okay.

One to two cheat meals a week will keep you motivated and social.

3. Don’t stop training!

Burn fat, not lean muscle, and keep your metabolism boosted. The best time to train is before iftar, you can break your fast immediately after training with isotonic drinks, fruit or a protein shake.

4. Avoid working out in the morning.

You are more likely to burn muscle rather than fat, you don’t want to put unnecessary stress on your nervous system and organs.

5. Keep an eye on your goal.

Your goal is maintenance and not fitness progression. If you currently workout, reduce your effort level to 60 percent, at least for the first few sessions.

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