5 Safety Rules at UAE Petrol Stations

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A petrol station can be a dangerous place if you are reckless, and this is why UAE authorities are urging motorists to exercise caution as part of a renewed safety campaign.

The recently launched “Five for Your Safety” is a joint campaign by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the General Command of Civil Defence at the Ministry of the Interior.

Here are the 5 safety rules at UAE petrol stations that you must know:

Slow down

When driving to a petrol station, slow down to a speed of not more than 20km/h. This will help you avoid potentially deadly crashes, particularly in a place that is literally a holding area for highly flammable gasoline. In 2015, a speeding car that crashed into a petrol station in Al Twar sparked a massive fire. No one was reported hurt or killed in the incident, but the petrol station was shut down for weeks as it underwent renovation.

Do not leave the car

When fueling, do not leave your car, except when it is absolutely necessary. This is to avoid static electricity-related incidents that can potentially spark a fire during dry weather conditions. Some UAE residents have a bad habit of leaving their car for a “quick” run at the nearby convenience store while filling up their car with petrol, but if they return to the car during refueling, this could lead to a build-up of static electricity that can cause a flash fire with gasoline refueling vapors.

Do not smoke

Smoking is prohibited in petrol stations. The reason is simple: petrol is highly combustible, so it can catch fire when in contact with any flammable substance. It is important to never smoke, light a match or use a lighter around petrol pumps.

Turn off the engine during fueling

While most UAE residents tend to fuel up with their car engine on, there is always a non-negligible risk for doing so: gasoline vapors can come in contact with static electricity, which can ignite a fire, ultimately leading to an explosion. While it is unlikely to cause a fire from leaving your car engine running, there is still a small chance that it can happen due to stray sparks, faults in electrical systems, or contact with hot components.

Close the gasoline tank

Before you leave the petrol station after filling up your tank with gasoline, always check that the gasoline tank is properly closed. This ensures your gasoline tank is sealed off from potential fire hazards, while also helping you avoid losing fuel due to evaporation. ICA/Expat Media

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