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5 reasons why screen time is beneficial to kids

Screen time refers to the amount of time spent on a device or computer, watching television, or playing video games. While controlling this is vital, concentrating on the kind of online activities that children engage in is critical.

Allowing any of our technological devices to function as a babysitter is one of the worst parenting blunders of the twenty-first century. However, new research from the Universities of Oxford, Cardiff, and Cambridge reveals that screen time used in moderation has a good impact on children.

  • Teamwork and creativity can be improved through online games and activities as well as time management.
  • Screen time can actually develop real-life skills, with the right apps, children can get imaginative in building projects and get creative.
  • The internet provides children with a variety of information to aid in the development of their knowledge.
  • Computer interaction increases visual intelligence as well as hand-eye coordination. Technology removes physical barriers to social interactions, which is critical for children who have difficulty making friends or who have unique interests or requirements.
  • Children who live in houses where computers are readily available to perform better academically than their counterparts who do not. Thus, children’s outcomes are better when they have access to linked technology.

Although the influence of screen time on children’s wellness is still being discussed, more and more experts are recommending that we focus more on what children do online rather than how long they spend online. While technology may be a tremendous educational and entertainment tool when utilized properly, not all screen time is created equal. KMB/Expat Media

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