10 must-try activities at Dubai’s Museum of the Future

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The Museum of the Future is located along Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

There’s never a dull moment at the Museum of the Future in Dubai. Whether you’re seeking entertainment for your family or a respite from the heat, this futuristic destination has something for everyone.

Here are ten activities you absolutely must try:

1. Go on a space journey

Elevate your Dubai experience with a trip to outer space and travel to 2071. Launch into the Falcon Space Capsule and reach the Orbital Space Station Hope, where you’ll explore life in space and get a taste of a futuristic space station. After your space tour, you will be greeted by a rainforest oasis.

2. Preview tomorrow’s innovations

Don’t miss the Tomorrow Today exhibition, featuring jawdropping products and prototypes of the future. Witness these innovations in the museum’s stunning interior with floating robots overhead.

3. Experience architectural marvels

The Museum of the Future has been named one of the world’s most beautiful museums because of its unique design and extraordinary architecture. The façade features Arabic calligraphy that also lights up at night. From its observation deck, admire Dubai’s latest masterpiece and snap impressive selfies.


Dubai Museum of the Future among world’s 14 most beautiful museums

Hoverplane landing in Dubai Museum of the Future: Real or reel?

4. Befriend some robots

There are plenty of robots to see the minute you step into the Museum of the Future. You will likely be greeted by a flying penguin. Also watch out for Robodog, the friendly canine with 3D vision. Going up to Level 2’s Tomorrow Today, you can meet the humanoid Ameca and exchange small talk or two.

5. Check the world’s DNA library

This is better than Jurassic Park’s lab. The Vault of Life is a DNA library that contains over 2,400 species on display. Here, the wonders of nature and thousands of species are studied. You can also learn how you can contribute to fixing climate change.

6. Have coffee with a robot barista

Order a perfect cup of coffee from Bob, the robotic barista arm. You’ll find him in the cosy in-house café to the right, just as soon as you enter the museum. You can order your coffee through an app, and then watch as Bob moves around to make your order. He’ll also pose for pictures before picking up the cup of coffee before placing it for you to pick up.

7. Immerse in wellbeing

Take a moment to reconnect with yourself with the healing qualities of nature in The Centre. The multisensory exhibit feels like a therapy under a dome of light and water.

8. Check out the Digital Amazon

You can explore the Amazon rainforest in a mixed-reality exhibit and re-creation at Digital Amazon. Here, you’ll get to observe some interesting animals, as well as microscopic insects.

9. Rediscover play

Engage young minds in Future Heroes, a zone designed for children under 10. You’ll find a mix of play and challenges, taking inspiration from the world of video games.

10. Attend talks with experts

The Museum of the Future often hosts talks on the environment and current issues. You can join the discussion and events with some of the world’s leading experts and innovators. MFD/Expat Media

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