Sean Whalen (right) bought bouquets of flowers at Costco.


Watch viral video: man rants over hypermarket ‘trouble’


DUBAI – US-based author and social media influencer Sean Whalen took to Facebook in an invective-laced speech about an incident at a Costco hypermarket that has since gone viral.

Whalen said he was buying two bouquets of flowers when the staff at the checkout counter teased him, “You must have done something really bad today to buy two bouquets of flowers”.

The comment clearly didn’t go down well with Whalen, who later filmed his longer response to the incident.

“What kind of [invective] society are we creating? When the first thought process, the first idea of a man buying flowers is that they’re in trouble? That they’re asking for forgiveness?” Whalen said in a video uploaded on Facebook 10 days ago. As of Sunday (September 16), the video has gotten 30 million views and 879,000 shares.

Whalen said that before leaving the hypermarket, he told the staffer what the bouquets were for. “I looked at him and said, really? Like that’s your mentality? I’m buying a bouquet for my daughter and a bouquet for my girlfriend just because I want to show them that I love them,” he said.

The incident spurred an impromptu relationship advice from Whalen, who is also a life coach.

“What you value, you invest in,” he said, urging people to invest in their relationship.

“You want your princess your daughter to grow up to be a queen and find a good man how about you be a good man? How about you show her? How about you treat her mother with respect. How about your daughter you value her and invest in that relationship? How about you show your daughter and your sons that you value their mother and you invest in that relationship with $5, $6, $7, $8 or $10 bouquet of flowers every now and then,” he added.

“Ladies don’t really care about the flowers. Ladies care about the thought process that you go through when you spend $5 or $7 on a bouquet of flowers,” he said. GAD/Expat Media


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