NLEX vs Ginebra at Coca Cola Arena in Dubai on October 5, 2019.


WATCH NLEX vs Ginebra in Dubai: Best shots


DUBAI – The NLEX Road Warriors and Barangay Ginebra San Miguel clashed in a thrilling game at Coca Cola Arena in Dubai on Saturday (October 5).

NLEX snatched an overtime victory over Barangay Ginebra with a score of 113 to 111.

Watch the highlights and blow-by-blow report below

The games air in full on ESPN 5 on Monday (October 7)


NLEX snatches an OT victory over Ginebra, 113-111.

50.5 OT Shot goes in! Paniamogan lets it rain!

NLEX down by a thread, 110-111.


2:15 OT Killer pass from Kiefer! Erram doesn’t let him down!

NLEX behind 107-109.

And it’s 107 to 105 in favor of Ginebra!

NLEX vs Ginebra at Coca Cola Arena in Dubai on October 5, 2019.
Photo by Christine Bruton

Ravena passes ball to Cruz! 105-all


Kiefer Ravena sends the game into overtime!


The tiebreaker that got away!


End of regulation. NLEX tied with Ginebra at 103

100 all, 38.0 4 quarter


Filipinos in Dubai are on their feet! Pringle, no! Slaughter on the follow! Paniamogan lights it up with a three on the other end.

100-97 Ginebra, 49.1 4q.


Brownlee makes it a 97-92 Ginebra lead.

Ashaolu gets past Thompson and Slaughter on his way to the rack for the tough 2; NLEX trails 94-97.


Big play! Ravena passes the ball to Ashaolu from the inside! NLEX trails 92-95.


Erram on a Paniamogan for the triple! Pringle scores two on the other end. 95-88 Ginebra lead.


5:50 4q Quinahan pulls up! NLEX trailing at 85-90.


6:50 4q Ginebra’s lead narrows down to 7. Paniamogan lands a shot! NLEX trails 83-90.


MC47 open jumper! 90-79 Ginebra lead.


Long pass from Quinahan to Paniamogan! Dela Cruz 2, Ighalo 3. NLEX trails 77-88 at the start of the 4q.


Paniamogan ends the third with a left corner! After 3. Ginebra 80, NLEX 72


Kiefer Ravena passes the ball to Ashaolu from under! Aguilar quickly answers! NLEX behind 68-86.


2:18 3q Ravena 2 to go! 84-66 Ginebra lead.


Kiefer Ravena with the drop, Ash with the hammer! NLEX behind 64-81, 2:50 3q.


Ravena feeds a waiting Erram for 2! Brownlee answers! NLEX behind 59-81


Nice bounce pass from Cruz to Erram for a bucket from down low! NLEX behind 57-79.


Slaughter rocks the rim! 74-47 Ginebra lead


8:50 3q Pringle takes the triple right back! NLEX trails 44-72.


9:34 3q Pringle finds a way! 66-41 Ginebra


Pringle steps on the break and hits; Ginebra 64-41.


Halftime: Ginebra 59, NLEX 39


Tenorio aims for a three-pointer, misses! Slaughter saves!


Fonacier stops and pops on the break; NLEX trails 34-52.


Pringle passes the ball to Caguioa! Ashaolu hurries back for the answer! 50-30 Ginebra


Pringle adds 2 after that Brownlee shot from the left wing; 43-28 Ginebra lead


Browlee over Quinahan! 33-23 Ginebra lead.


Kiefer beats the buzzer with a three-point shot at end of first quarter!


1:24 1q Beautiful pass from Keifer to Bong! NLEX trails 19-27.


Brownlee gets control of the loose ball! 27-17 Ginebra.


Erram smooth on the drive down the middle for the lay up! Brownlee slams on the reply! NLEX trails 15-23, 2:51 1q.


5:22 1q Erram gets it to Ashaolu from inside the paint! Slaughter answers quick! 16-13 Ginebra


What a pass by Brownlee to Stanley for the tough reverse!


Cruz to Taulava, no! Ashaolu scores! 2-0 NLEX


Slaughter opens shot! 8-7 Ginebra edge.


Tenorio passes the ball to Slaughter from underneath! 2-all.


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