Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.


US film on Duterte war on drugs ‘derogatory, biased’


MANILA – A US documentary film on the Duterte administration’s war on illegal drugs is “derogatory and biased”, a Philippine official said.

“We find this derogatory and biased, if not outright fiction,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in a statement.

The official said that the documentary, On the President’s Orders, has been deliberately overdramatized for movie watchers at the cost of “putting the Philippines in a bad light”.

“Even the title of the docufilm reeks with malice, making it appear that the drug-related deaths were done upon the orders of [Duterte],” Panele said.

The docufilm will reportedly debut at Cinema Village in New York on October 4 and Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles on October 18.

“It is obvious that the film medium is riding on the coattails of the President’s international popularity and success, and is being used as a medium to espouse one-sided information bordering to black propaganda aimed at gullible foreign audiences who know little or zero-knowledge about the Philippines and its government,” he said.

Panelo called on “potential viewers” to evaluate the truthfulness of the film, saying that reports on the Philippine government’s anti-drugs campaign have been marred by “false and baseless narratives”.

The spokesperson defended the government’s war on drugs which, he said, “is anchored primarily on national security and public safety.”

“Those who will watch the movie are advised and informed that the Philippines is an archipelago where the illegal drug trade is a billion-peso industry, in that 97 percent of small villages which we call barangays, have or had already been infiltrated,” he said.

He maintained that “drug-related killings are absolutely not state-initiated nor state-sponsored” but results from violent resistance of those being arrested by police. ICA/Expat Media


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