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UAE top court rejects case of transgender Emiratis


DUBAI – The case of three transgender Emiratis have been rejected by the UAE’s highest court, according to a newspaper report.

The trio underwent gender surgery in the US three years ago to have the physical appearance of men. However, their passports and IDs still identify them as women.

They filed a case to have the documents changed in 2016, but it was rejected in March last year. The Federal Supreme Court also refused their request on December 31.

One of the Emiratis told The National that they are “in shock” over the court’s ruling, saying that they sought gender surgery due to “the misery we have been living in for the majority of our lives”.

State hospital doctors have diagnosed the trio with gender dysphoria, a condition where a person does not identify with their birth sex.

The rejection of their request in court has put them in limbo because in the UAE cross dressing is considered illegal. GAD/Expat Media


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