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UAE public schools shorten classes for summer


DUBAI – Classes in UAE public schools have been shortened to help students cope during the sweltering heat of the summer months.

In a circular that went into effect on Sunday (June 9), the Ministry of Education announced the revised school timings for public school students during the summer months.

According to the ministry, classes will be reduced to 40 minutes instead of 45 minutes, with a three-minute grace period for students to transfer to the next classroom.

This means that the school day will end one hour early due to the changes in the timings.

Morning assemblies will also be scrapped off the schedule during the summer months.

The ministry said that the new class schedule will continue until July.

Here are the revised schedules:

Kindergarten: 8am to 11:45am

Primary school (boys): 7:15am to 12:37pm

Primary school (girls): 8am to 1:22pm

Secondary school (boys): 7:15am to 1:20pm

Secondary school (girls): 8am to 2:05pm


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