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UAE doctors dispel rumours on coronavirus ‘miracle cures’


DUBAI – Posts have surfaced on social media claiming “miracle cures” for the new coronavirus outbreak, prompting UAE doctors to dispel rumours.

Posts from social media users claimed that ginger tea or yoga could help cure the virus. Doctors said such misinformation could lead people to forget precautions against coronavirus.

“It would be great if these remedies would be effective against the coronavirus but unfortunately this is not so,” Dr. Galina Scerbacova, specialist paediatrician at GMC Clinics Dubai, told

Currently, there is no known cure for coronavirus, which causes severe acute respiratory infection.

“There is no miracle cure [for coronavirus],” Dr Girish Guneja, specialist surgeon and bariatric centre director at Dubai’s Al Zahra Hospital, told

Dr. Guneja said that ginger tea and yoga are only “general things to boost immunity for any disease, and nothing specific to coronavirus”.

He said that the best preventive measure is to “avoid congested places, use a mask and see a doctor at the earliest sign of flu-like symptoms”.

“If somebody is coughing or sneezing, give him or her a mask,” he added.

Governments around the world are scrambling to curb the spread of coronavirus as the World Health Organisation declared a global health emergency.

The virus has spread to 14 countries and has killed 304 people and infected 14,557 others as of Sunday (February 2). PIA/Expat Media

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