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UAE approves new rules on owning exotic animals


DUBAI – The UAE Cabinet has approved new rules related to the ban on ownership of wild or exotic animals in the UAE.

In 2016, the UAE made it illegal for anyone to own wild animals, except for licensed zoos, wildlife parks, circuses, breeding centres and research centres.

On Sunday, the Cabinet approved new regulations that set the requirements for the transport and accommodation of wild animals, and measures for their care, disposal or seizure.

The new regulations were approved in a bid to tackle abuse and trafficking of wild animals.

Here are the new rules:

1. Dangerous animals must be provided with veterinary care, including vaccinations, and kept in a suitable environment.

2. Authorities will seize stray, uncontrolled or abandoned wild animals, and those kept in an unlicensed environment.

3. Animals seized by authorities will be given veterinary aid, rehabilitation and returned to a suitable environment or released into a reserve in the UAE.

4. Dangerous animals must not be used in public exhibitions, competitions or shows, or advertisements without a permit from authorities.

5. Handlers must apply for permit to transfer wild animals inside the UAE or through the UAE.

6. Transport for wild animals must be clean and well ventilated.

7. It is illegal to use dangerous animals in circuses in the UAE, unless duly licensed by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.


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