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UAE amnesty seekers without passports can renew residency visas


DUBAI – Individuals who have absconding cases in the UAE will be able to rectify and renew their residency visas even though they do not have passports, a senior official said.

An official of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship at the Shahama Centre said the procedure is for people who wish to regularise their residency status to continue staying in the UAE.

The official said that amnesty seekers first need to visit the Shahama centre and get a paper, which they will need to present to the CID office at the Abu Dhabi immigration and Abu Dhabi Court and get it signed and stamped.

They would then need to go back to the Shahama centre to get another document that they can show to their respective embassies in order to get a new passport.

About 90 percent of amnesty seekers who were at the centre on Monday did not have passports.

Absconders with less than one year record and whose passports are with the police can also visit the Shahama centre.

The official said that these individuls can some to the Shahama Centre in order to quickly have their passports returned.

Passports of absconders are kept by the police for a year before they are handed over to the respective embassies. JHQ/Expat Media


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