Actor and model Tommy Hatto.


Tommy Hatto eyes Dubai for new project


DUBAI – “It’s my first time in Dubai and I’m really excited,” actor, model and aspiring filmmaker Tommy Hatto said on a recent visit to Dubai.

“The Burj is right there so we’re definitely going to check out the Burj,” Hatto said, pointing at the Burj Khalifa out the window of the Expat Media headquarters.

The British actor was in Dubai recently to promote his latest movie The Last Full Measure. The war drama, top billed by Samuel L. Jackson, comes out in cinemas early next year.

Accompanied by his girlfriend, Hatto said the pair will “try to cram in work and sightseeing in three days”. He’s got quad biking, camel riding and dune buggy riding on his list. “I’m a big outdoor person. To be in Dubai and with all these activities, I’m in heaven right now,” he said with a grin.

In a chat with Expat Media, Hatto talked about how he stumbled into acting, landed some Hollywood roles and what he’s planning to do in Dubai.

How did you get started in acting?

I never thought I would become an actor, let alone being a model. I studied journalism just like you and I worked in London in a journalism company and it was through crazy contacts that I just found myself being in a movie and then the career started from there. I flew to L.A., signed with agencies and I’ve been working in acting since then.

Tell us about your modelling gig.

I’m with different modeling agencies around the world and I’m been very lucky to work around the world, almost every continent.

Thor was your first foray into Hollywood. How did you land a part there?

Thor, that seems so long ago. It was my first movie I did. Just a very small part. So going back to working in journalism, we went to London Film Festival. Just through that. it is a crazy story but Dustin Hoffman had come up to me and said I had the face for camera, so a casting director overheard and they contacted me and asked me to audition for a movie. And that movie was Thor, and I got the audition. In school I did acting and drama just to build my confidence but I never thought I’d land a movie but yeah Thor was my first movie.

What was filming like?

It was the craziest experience. We filmed in Stonehenge in England, and just go driving and it was a 4am shoot. And just driving up there and just seeing these like huge lights. It was like a crazy little town and all these trailers. And I’ve never been on a film set before so just to see that was incredible. It was a pretty long, exhausting day but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Tell us about your upcoming movie.

I have just filmed a movie in Thailand and it’s about the Vietnam war. It’s based on a true story [about an] air paramedic in the Second World War. It’s really showcasing his life and how he won the medal of honor.

The filming was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. We were in a jungle in Thailand. To really get into character, we had US marines and we would have to do a workout with them, a regime that US marines did in real life. Waking up at 5am, doing the drills, the pushups, learning how to shoot a rifle in ways that it was most challenging, career thing I’ve done but also the most rewarding.

You’re making a foray into filmmaking. What do you think of Dubai as the next setting?

First of all, must in terms of the scenery and the landscapes, you’d be able to get some amazing shots. The skyscrapers against the desert background. I’m not most intelligent in filmmaking, but I’d like to think I’m most creative in my vision. You could do some amazing shots. They filmed Mission Impossible here, right? I’d love to work in the UAE.

What’s next for you?

I’m coming out with a lifestyle book next year. It’s a fitness lifestyle book, about healthy eating and mindset and positive energy. I think it would be great to share that to people.

Do you still have other goals in life?

My dad he would describe me as a jack of all trades… I have all these crazy ideas. If I wanna do something I’ll go do it.

There’s so much I would love to do. I’d love to be in proper film making and directing because I’d love to be on that side of the camera. I’d love to delve into my own business. I like to think I could do something in terms of fashion like a clothing line. ICA/Expat Media


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