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Terminator: Dark Fate – A spoiler-free review by Expat Media’s resident movie buff


DUBAI – Like good ol’ Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “I’ll be back”, this astounding movie saga has certainly been brought back from the dead by the new installment Terminator: Dark Fate. We at have been invited by the Majid Al Futtaim group to come check the big guns out at the movie premiere, and we did so.

Fortunately for original die hard fans of the series, the Terminator is back, and he’s as flashy as ever. The trailer shows the original man of steel going classic guns n’ glory with Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, with a new character.

For some of us, seeing Sarah driving through the bucket of bolts and metal in the trailer made us scream in excitement. Seeing it in the big screen, was definitely worth the time waiting for a new installment in the franchise.

So, let’s come to what you’ve been waiting approximately four years in the making for: The film.

Downright impressive.
Undoubtedly the best Terminator film released in years.

The scenes shot in this film were fanatically amazing: Down to every raindrop, every smoke, bullet and blood-soaked scene.

If there’s something people can appreciate altogether, it’s the cinematography in this one. Another thing to notice in this film would be the spectacular compositions created for it. The thrill and the suspense in the air intensified in the theatre whenever a scene rolled; the brilliantly deadly combination of amazing choreography, videography and most importantly, the ever-so-grand soundtracks and sound effects used.

Producer James Cameron has directed this masterful work in such an accomplishing manner; each character’s emotions and feelings displayed magnificently through facial expressions and body language. It truly immerses us in such a form that we actually feel the raw immense emotion each scene brings.

Linda Hamilton exceeded all my expectations on her performance in this film, managing to awe the entire movie theatre; thrill after thrill. I must also hand the VFX artists a lot of credit, the flow and movement of the machines were an impressive sight to see, even for me.

The film itself was no short of something to be expected from the franchise; the portrayal executed beautifully, with each new shot making the audience anticipate for more to come.

However, like all movies, there are some flaws. An example would be the character Dani, a teenage girl from the cozy suburbs of Mexico, played by Natalia Reyes, who showed some good acting in the film that was only marred in part by some overdramatized lines. This made a few cuts fall flat.

In contrary, I felt as if in sporadic times of the film, more emotive language from Dani’s facial expression needed to be there. Otherwise, I left the theatre with no words on my mouth, completely content.

I recommend this film to those of you who are completely die hard about the Terminator franchise, as it slowly picks off from certain points where the previous films have left off, and builds a completely new, astoundingly incredible film.

For those new to the saga, watching it on theatres, I would subtly recommend watching the last movies in order to get better satisfaction on watching this film.

Even for those not into the gruesome mayhem the Terminator franchise has, it’s exceeded my expectations fully, and I guarantee you; it’s more than just two hours of mechanically violent disposition.

Final rating

The Terminator: Dark Fate is now showing in the UAE. We suggest you check it out.


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