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Tax exemption on mobile phones used before December 1


DUBAI – Foreigners and overseas Pakistanis visiting Pakistan are exempt from paying taxes or registration fee on mobile phones using the roaming service, a Pakistani official said.

Minister of State for Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs Hammad Azhar, clarified, however, that visitors will only be allowed to register one mobile phone without paying tax.

Azhar also said that no registration fee or duty will be imposed if the phone is used in Pakistan for less than 30 days.

In a tweet, Azhar also clarified that there will be no registration fee or tax imposed on any phone that was used or activated in Pakistan before December 1, 2018.

Visitors can pay taxes and register their mobile phones at airports or Custom Houses in Pakistan, the minister said.

Registration is not compulsory but “non-custom paid phones that are not registered will get deactivated after 30 days,” he said.

The Pakistan government has said the move is meant to curb illegal imports of mobile phones in the country.

Overseas Pakistanis are allowed to bring one mobile phone per year without paying taxes. They can carry a maximum of five mobile phones but will have to pay taxes for four of the phones. GAD/Expat Media


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