Preserved flowers can last for up to five years.


These super roses may last ‘longer than your relationship’


DUBAI – Immortal roses. Think they’re purely the stuff of fiction? Think again. They’re actually real, and they’re available in the UAE.

These blooms look and feel like freshly cut roses, the only difference is, they can last for up to five years without ever needing to be watered.

“They last maybe even longer than your relationship,” quips Marycel Molina Roxas of Petals by Carmille flower shop in Al Ghurair.

Roxas, one of the first florists to introduce preserved roses in the UAE, said they’re fast becoming popular novelty gift items in the emirate.

The “Belle” is inspired by the magical rose in the 2017 movie, Beauty and the Beast: a single stalk of rose in a domed glass case.

She also created a boxed, three-rose, heart-shaped version that she dubbed “Carmel”. The flower expert experimented with multi-colored preserved roses, with the UAE-inspired variant among the most popular.

Dozens of varieties of these roses are displayed in stunning effect at the Petals by Carmille shop in Al Ghurair. The flower shop is expanding with the opening of a boutique in Mena Plaza Hotel in Al Barsha in November.

Roxas said the preserved roses can last for three to five years as long as they are not kept under direct sunlight or exposed to humidity.

“Kept in perfect condition, they will retain their fresh look and it is almost impossible to tell the freshly cut flowers from the preserved ones,” she said.

Flower preservation has been around for thousands of years, with the process refined in the 1990s. It involves dehydrating freshly cut flowers and then re-infusing them with oil to preserve their appearance.

Petals can also be dyed in a hue of colours. It is a popular option for those looking for something unique, said Roxas.

“It’s always great to say it with flowers,” she said. GAD/Expat Media


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