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Decoding the hidden meaning of roses by numbers


DUBAI – Sometimes all it takes is a single rose to bring out the romantic in you. But did you know that there’s a secret language of flowers?

Roses are the most common way of showing love. When it comes to saying your affection through roses, however, the numbers count, says Marycel Molina Roxas, a Dubai-based florist.

The flower expert at Petals By Carmille in Al Ghurair Centre says the number of roses you give or get actually speak volumes about what you are trying to say.

Roxas says that while most people in Dubai buy roses in threes or by the dozen, there are actually 12 more hidden meanings of roses by the number.

She decodes them for us:

1 rose: A rose for a thought? A single rose means “I thought of you”.

3 roses: Nothing says it better with the power of three. This is a classic way of saying “I love you”.

6 roses: A bouquet of six roses is the giver’s way of saying “I want to be yours”.

9 roses: This person wants to be your forever. Nine roses mean “I want to be with you forever”.

10 roses: When you get a perfect 10, it means the giver thinks you’re the bee’s knees. Or simply “You are perfect”.

11 roses: Not quite a dozen, but 11 means you are special. The giver wants to tell you, “You are treasured”.

12 roses: You give a dozen roses when you want to say, “Be mine”. You typically give a bouquet of a dozen roses when you are asking someone to be your girlfriend (or boyfriend!)

13 roses: A dozen plus one means you’re getting a lot of love from a secret admirer.

15 roses: Whether you’re asking for an apology, or simply want to say “I’m sorry”, 15 roses are what you need.

20 roses: Sincerity doesn’t usually need to be proven with quantity, but a bouquet of 20 roses means “Believe me, I am sincere towards you”.

21 roses: No more eyes wandering around. This person wants to say he or she is “dedicated” to you.

24 roses: If one dozen roses means “be mine”, two dozen says “I’m yours”.

25 roses: Did you get a promotion? Are you about to get married? Whatever it is you are celebrating, getting 25 roses for it means “congratulations”.

36 roses: Three dozen roses means this person isn’t only a big spender but is completely into you. This number says, “I’m head over heels in love with you.”


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