Snow in the Sahara.


‘Freak weather condition’ causes snowfall


ALGERIA – It was a sight to behold for inhabitants of a town in the Sahara Desert when snow fell and covered their land for the first time in 37 years.

The Algerian municipality of Ain Sefra located deep in the Sahara, considered the largest desert in the world at nine million square kilometers, was hit by a freak snowfall.

Pictures of the landscape showed the red sand dunes with patches or large streaks of white snow.

The last time snow fell on the Sahara was on December 1979 when a blizzard hit the region.

Ain Sefra (elevation: 1,078 meters above sea level) is considered by Algeria as “Gateway to the Sahara” and is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains.

Aside from being one of the driest places on earth, temperatures in the Sahara can reach 50 degrees Centrigrade or 155 degrees Fahrenheit. GAC/Expat Media


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